About us

We are a private company employing 50 persons. We produce different wooden turned and milled feet for furniture. We also produce different component parts out of plywood, MDF and wood. We sell the parts for furniture manufacturers and for clients from other branches of industry. We produce the articles according to the drawings, samples and requirements of our clients.

We also produce some kinds of sport implements. They are sport wall-bars, benches and other.

We produce many articles for kindergartens and for all who love children. They are chairs, tables, cabinets, toys and other wooden products. These products are ecological and of high quality.

Our production is made of birch, black-alder, ash, oak wood, glued birch plywood, MDF.

We can stain, varnish, paint with different colours.

Our company is constantly looking to future and tries not to fall behind with the quality and offer in the competitive market. Therefore we regularly renew our machinery. Now the most of production is produced on CNC centers. Varnishing is performed on varnishing machine. With high performance and good equipment we can fulfill any orders of our clients timely and qualitatively.

We sell our production for clients from the states of the European Union. Most of our production is exported to France, we also export to England, Sweden, Portugal and other countries.